Friday, 17 June 2011

Assault at Vilaystock

Turn 1 The Russians charge!

The Russian infantry on both flanks with a 'Hurrah' doubled and charged towards the town of Vilaystock. The Germans had to hold fast to give their weaken division time to move to defensive positions further back.

The T34 85's doubled and charged towards the town, in the hope that they could quickly over come the Germans that surely must be entrenched in the town's rubble. The 3 SU 152's held back and fired. Three shots slammed into the Pak 40's hiding in the ruins. One exploding in a fireball. The Russians opened up their mortars at the raising column of smoke hitting a HMG and the other Pak 40 destroying both. A successful first round to the Russians.

Turn 1. The German response.
Shocked by the ferocity of the assault, the German infantry slowly prepared to return fire. The Russian infantry on the left flank had charged from the shadows of the wood and dashed towards the rubble. The Russians did not have the time to look for folds in the ground, and were easy targets for the well trained SS troopers. A vicious curtain of fire strafed the Russian ranks. Five stands destroyed. On the edge of the town a hidden in the smoke the long snout of a King Tiger slowly moved, two cracks from its gun sent one T34 85 into the scrap heap. Over the top of the town a barrage was fired from across the river. Its shells exploded amongst the rest of the tanks hitting and destroying another, the remaining Pak 40, fired destroying two more. On the left an intense mortar barrage falls on the hapless Russian infantry, killing six stands.   However, with an eye to the Commissar the infantry rally and pass a moral check.

Turn 2. The Russians plow on.
On the right the so far untouched 2nd Russian infantry battalion continues its charge into the town. On the left the remaining Russian infantry fail to unpinned, the try and find any cover they can exposed as they are in the open. The T34s fire hitting and destroying the final Pak 40. No further progress is made. The SU 152's cannot find any targets, and the mortars hits the infantry in the ruins of the town but fail to kill. However, the mortar shells dropping in, make sure the Germans keep their heads down and pinned. The initial German response has thrown the Russian General into confusion.

Turn 2. The Germans 'rock steady'.

The German SS Kaptain, rally's his men and they unpin to fire on the shattered Russians on the left, killing one stand, they also hit and destroy two stands on the Russians racing in on the right. The king tiger looses two shots bailing out the Russian tank commander and sending another up into a fireball of twisted metal. The Russian tank company is feeling very exposed and shaken. The final straw sees a barrage hit and destroy two tanks. The remaining two tanks decide enough is enough and reverse out of the battle zone. (It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Russian army).
Turn 3. The Russians throw the dice.
The 2nd Russian infantry company smashes in to the side of the town. The Germain commander did not have enough troopers to man the whole perimeter. He would have to realign his positions, but would he have enough time. The infantry assaulted the town. In the ensuing conflict four Russian stands are destroyed by the Germans are overrun with two SS infantry, one spotter for the 15cm Guns and a mortar spotter falling in the assault. The SU152's fire hitting the SS infantry who in their haste to realign their defense become slightly easier targets. Two SS stands are destroyed. The German defense is starting to crumble.

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